Infinity Stones is Available Now!

InfinityIcon300All of the infinity stones has been misplaced and need to get back in position to sparkle again. The whirlwind can do that by the help of your finger!

Swipe the screen to move the whirlwind around. Move the stones to their correct positions and collect the stars on the way. To get all three stars in each level there is only one way to do it. Can you get them all?

This is a sokoban-style puzzle game with teleporters, bridges, ice, heat, darkness and cracked floors along with the stars to collect in 144 mind bending levels to master spread over 6 different locations.


Cows & Clovers Out Now World Wide!

CowsIcon300The cows have found clovers on the mountain that leads them far above the clouds. They want it all. Somehow they has to cooperate to get them and all cows won’t get that delicious taste of clover.

Along the way up above the clouds there are various obstacles and mind bending puzzles such as cracking floors, stones to push, traps, buttons, explosives and more.

60 levels are included in this first edition of Cows and Clovers and if you collect
all 60 jigsaw pieces there is a bonus level to unlock.


Meet Saving Sam!

SAMIcon300Meet Sam – Secret Agent Mouse. He got lost on his mission and can’t get back. Avoid various obstacles and help Sam get back to the hole.

It’s all about gravity in your hunt for 360 pieces of cheese in this hilarious physics puzzler from the creators of Drop the Nut!

Key Features:
• Universal (Designed for both iPhone and iPad)
• 5 environments, 120 tricky levels, 360 pieces of cheese
• Cartoon style graphics
• Easy control by simply tapping to roll and use dynamites
• Global leaderboards & achievements
• Exclusively for iOS!

You will encounter spikes, electricity, dynamites, tele porters, keys and a lot of other things to interact with.


Drop the Nut hit the App Store!

DTNIcon300With a wooden box you are sent on a mission to collect the coconuts across 120 levels in five different locations. Collect the nuts, catch the keys and avoid various obstacles in your mission and return with your box full of coconuts and keys. The keys are needed to unlock new worlds.

Drop the Nut is a new game concept and has great cartoon style graphics combined with realistic physics and tricky levels.





Keingu Games was formed in April, 2010 in Halmstad, Sweden. We are a small independent game development company with focus on mobile gaming exclusively for iOS.

Since 2010 Keingu Games has developed and published ten games.  During 2016 two new games are planned and the company is expanding with a new label of Keingu Kids with focus on apps for kids.