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Match Mania

Do you remember when you were young? You could sit for hours just flipping cards over to try and match the pictures on them. Now it is possible to get that addictive card game in your mobile device. This time it is called Match Mania and it offers you even more of the exciting game play you ever played with the cards.Match Mania includes two game modes and 72 cards divided in two groups, Farm Animals and Wild Animals.[Match 2]The classic match two style. Up to 30 cards needs to be matched in up to 15 pairs. Flip a card and try to find the identical picture among the other cards. The clock starts at zero and ticks until you match the last pair. At the beginning you start with 30 bonus seconds counting down. For each pair that you match at least 10 seconds are given to the bonus seconds but only if you have bonus seconds left. If you get a combo the amount of added seconds are 15. The bonus seconds are worth a huge bonus score at the end of each level so try not to let the bonus seconds slip away…[Match Out]Similar to Match 2 only this time there is a card you are not allowed to flip. If you do the game is over and you have to start over. By the way, to make it even a bit harder, the cards are switching positions after each pair that is successfully matched. This game mode is very addictive and will keep you trying that extra hours just to get the reward!*** FEATURES ***[Achievements]There are 10 achievements throughout the game to unlock. Some are easy and others are a bit harder.[Rewards]After each level you are rewarded by frogs after how well you did. Try to collect all 90 frogs.[Combos]To get the highest score possible you have to get combos. There are three types of combos. Lucky combos that you get if you match cards you haven’t flipped yet. Chain combos are trigged as soon as you get at least three pairs in a row. Challenge combos is unlocked if you can match pairs before given turns.[Themes]Match Mania v1.0 comes with two themes with different animals, Farm Animals and Wild Animals.[Audio]The music and sound effects are recorded by Appeltofft Music. The theme “Tell Me” is written exclusively for Match Mania. Both music and sound effects can be turned on and off.[Statistics]Match Mania saves your statistics as long as you keep the game on your device. Swipe the main menu and the history of your playing is revealed. All statistics, all cards found, achievements and combos unlocked are displayed with just a couple of swipes with your finger.Match Mania are definitely going to challenge your brain and test your memory capabilities. This game is suitable for everyone, both young and old.