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Keingus Christmas Puzzles

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Keingus Christmas Puzzle

Category: Puzzle | Release date: December 10, 2010

How much can you remember in a short time. Four addictive and challenging gamestyles including one of the worlds most famous one. Spend the holiday with christmas puzzles full of beautiful christmas gifts.


Keingus Christmas is a collection of challenging match two puzzles. Four game modes are included, each with three levels of difficulty. The easy level is available at the beginning and the other levels needs to be unlocked.


* Match 2 A classic match two puzzle. Choose a gift and find its twin. Try to remember where you have seen it and score some combos along the way.
* Match Out Santa A unique twist of the classic match two puzzle. Watch out. Where is Santa?
* Mind Match How many items can you memorize just by looking at them? Extremely challenging!

* Find Match Can you complete the pair by finding its part among all other objects? To get a high score you have to get bonus gifts from Santa. You might need some extra timeā€¦


* Gold, silver and bronze rewards
* Unlockable levels
* Combos

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!