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Get ready for a new experience! The CubiCubo experience! CubiCubo is all about patterns and it’s up to you how to solve each board. You are given a pile of CubiCoins to use. A CubiCoin is placed on the frame where you tap and indicates that spot as playable. As long as you got CubiCoins you can choose new spots. Try to keep your moves as low as possible as you are rewarded by stars when the board is solved. CubiCubo comes loaded with 15 challenging boards to solve and more to come. It’s addictive. It’s hard. It’s CubiCubo! Features: * CubiCubo Classic The original CubiCubo experience. Complete the patterns in 15 original puzzles with as less moves as possible. * CubiCoins When tapping the frame at a new spot a CubiCoin is placed to indicate that spot as playable. If you run out of CubiCoins you have to play from spots already chosen. * Star rewards Collect the stars you get for solving the puzzles with minimal moves. The stars will be needed to unlock coming gamemodes and levelpacks! * Retina display CubiCubo comes with gorgeous high definition graphics when played on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G. It’s almost like having a real piece of classic wooden boardgame in your hands! The solution for each puzzle is going to be published one by one weekly on Fridays starting March 18, 2011. Visit the website for news and solutions!