All of the infinity stones has been misplaced and need to get back in position to sparkle again. The whirlwind can do that by the help of your finger!
Swipe the screen to move the whirlwind around. Use the whirlwind to move the stones to their correct positions and collect the stars on the way. To get all three stars in each level there is only one way to do it. Can you get all the stars?

This is a sokoban-style puzzle game with teleporters, bridges, ice, heat, darkness and cracked floors along with the stars to collect in 144 mind bending levels to master spread over 6 different locations.

Game features:

∞ Game Center.
∞ Universal binary.
∞ Original twist of a classic game.
∞ Easy to learn, hard to master.
∞ Simple one touch control. Swipe to move.
∞ Exclusively on iOS.