The cows have found clovers on the mountain that leads them far above the clouds. They want it all. Somehow they has to cooperate to get them and all cows won’t get that delicious taste of clover.

Along the way up above the clouds there are various obstacles and mind bending puzzles such as cracking floors, stones to push, traps, buttons, explosives, teleporters and more.

Up to ten cows is needed to complete the levels and there are more than one solution for each level. Can you find the best solution? In that case you’ll get the grade ‘Perfect’ at the end of the level.

60 levels are included in Cows and Clovers and if you collect all 60 jigsaw pieces there is a bonus level to unlock.


» Game Center
» Handcrafted, unique graphics
» Simple on-screen instructions
» 60 levels and a bonus level to unlock
» Universal binary
» Only for iOS